Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

Judging will be held Saturday, September 6, 2014! The actual Festival, and winner announcements will be on Saturday October 4th.

How Much Does it cost to enter multiple beers?

For only one fee, you are able to enter up to 11 beers, one for every category.

I Don't see a Category for The Beer I want to make?

There are so many different categories and within each of those there are subcategories. Unfortunately because of that we had to draw the line somewhere. As we become more in tune with the popularity of style for El Paso we will add/change categories for next year to better suit everybody. That being said medals will be awarded for the categories shown on the SunCity BeerFest website, and as a brewer you need to choose a subcategory from the BJCP guidelines based on the competition categories we provided.